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 How to get more views on YouTube | 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour easily 

As we all know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which is widely used channel to promote, entertain and educate audience. YouTube is one of the best platform in the world to reach audience. In this Covid-19 crisis most of the people are at home and they are spending most of their time watching YouTube videos. This is the right time to focus on your YouTubechannel in order to reach the audience. In this article we are going to see “How to get more views on YouTube”.


Here are the 10 easy tricks to get more views on YouTube

  • ·         Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Title
  • ·         Create an eye-catching thumbnail
  • ·         Create videos about the topic which people are looking for
  • ·         Share the videos  links as a post in other social media
  • ·         Create Playlists
  • ·         Rank your videos in Google search
  • ·         Provide content that Educate or Entertain or Both
  • ·         Know the Importance of Watch time
  • ·         Make use of Cards and End screen
  • ·         Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel


Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Title

This is where your keyword research will play a main role. To know the keyword popularity you can make use of SEO methods by using any keyword research tools. For Ex: uber suggestions free keyword, ahrefs keyword).

The Description also plays a main role as it informs the users what exactly they are looking for, which will help in  the click-through rate and increase the views.


Create an eye-catching thumbnail

As we all know that the thumbnail of your video grabs viewers attention to watchthe video. If it is not interesting or attractive then people will probably move on. So the first thing we need to do is design a unique thumbnail with quality image. This will make user to click on the video.

Use dark colours with attractive background and clear image while creating the thumbnail. Make sure that the thumbnail should contain either image or a word which the user is exactly looking for and that will make sure the user that the video solves the users query.


Create videos about the topic which people are looking for

The main intention of YouTube is to create videos for which people are looking for. Always keep updated about the industry and their working make a complete research and create a good and interesting content to grab audience attention.

While creating the videos first thing is to make sure that audience won’t get bored by the content. Mainly for example if the duration of the video is 20 mins make sure to include the most interesting contents in starting few minutes of thevideo, so that it gives interest to viewers to keep watching the video.


Share the links as a post in other social media

Social media is playing a lead role all over the world. By sharing the video clips and the links as a post in social media you will get more views and subscribers.  The main thing in social media is that we should not get stuck in single social media network, we need to travel through all other networks.

By sharing the your videos to other social media networks all your followers who are following you will watch the videos and when they share them their followers who are following them will watch it and then it goes on. Make sure that you let your followers on other social media to know each and every time you upload a new video to YouTube.


Create Playlists

Create a Playlists for your videos so that viewers can watch your videos continuously. By doing this once the first video ends your other videos will be played automatically in order. Make sure that the videos are selecting to create a playlist must be related to each other. You can create different playlist as per your video contents.

Create a playlist of your best video content first and start promoting it. This will mainly work on educational content videos which can be learned in an order continuously and increases the views on YouTube.


Rank your videos in Google search

In this case when you rank your video in Google search the links which you are posting will point towards your YouTube video. This will help you to get more views on YouTube.

To do this first step is to find topic with “traffic potential  and create a video based on that and design a unique thumbnail. Keyword research tool will help with topic people are finding for.  Seeing videos in the search results is a clear sign that searchers want to watch a video.


Provide content that Educate or Entertain or Both

The content in your video is most important factor which decides how many views it will get. Your video should contain the contents for which the audience are looking for like educating the audience ex: Cooking, DIY videos, Education based videos etc..) or entertaining videos. By doing these type of content videos it keeps the viewers engaged, they will return to your YouTube channel for further video and increase the views.


Improve your channel’s “Session Time”

Session time is the total amount of time people spend on YouTube after watching your videos. Session time depends on how actually the viewers are interested by your video content.

By promoting your best videos on top of your channel page your session time can be increased.


Make use of Cards and End screen  

  • ·         Cards

             A  YouTube card appears on the top right corner of your video, by which you are asking the viewers to subscribe or watch a related video. Choose a card that links to another one of your videos. It is you’re self-promoting to another video to get user engagement.

  • ·         End screen

           End screen appears at the end of the video. You can take advantage of this time as we know when the will is about to end the viewers will be thinking of what is the next video they should watch, so here the end screen works as a suggestion for the viewer.

To do this find the video from your channel which is related to the previous video that the audience would like to watch after they finish watching the first video. If someone clicks it, then the video begins to play and this helps to get more views on YouTube.


Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel

The more subscribers you have the more views your videos will get. You need to ensure that more people subscribe to your channel, once they subscribe YouTube channel they will get the notification whenever you upload a new video. Make sure that you will a message to like, share, subscribe your YouTube channel and click the bell icon in the starting of your video or in the end.

These are the 10 easy tricks to get more views on  YouTube. Apart from the above points the main thing in this platform is the growth always depends on your hard work that how active you are, you must always upload videos without taking a break as people always want to be active and not get bored for that you need to make videos with interesting content .

Finally, let us know which of the above tricks helped you more to get more YouTube views and also let us know apart from the above points in this article if there is any tricks which you know.

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