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How to get free YouTube subscribers

If you are a beginner and looking for YouTube subscribers then here are few easy steps to get free YouTube subscribers. YouTube is one of the best platform in which you can showcase your message to your audience.

Few easy tricks to get free YouTube subscribers

  • Make a channel Intro

  • Create title with correct keyword

  • Ask your viewers to subscribe

  • Be Natural

  • Inform audience about your next video

  • Make a Giveaway

  • Promote your channel in other social media

  • Optimize your video description

  • Collaborate with other channels

  • Publish videos frequently


Make a channel Intro

Whatever channel you are starting, the first thing you should is need to do a introduction video. You must include about yourself and what is the motive of creating a channel and what are the contents you are going to include. Make an interesting introduction with good video quality.

People should get an interest to watch your upcoming videos once they watch the introduction video. This will help you to get free YouTube subscribers.


Create title with correct keyword

People will always prefer top list channels and when they find it they will automatically subscribe to the channel because they know that channels with good content and rating will also be at top list and will clear all their queries.

So always do a proper keyword research on the highest searched title and create a title based on that. By doing this your channel will be placed in top list while searched by people which helps you to get free YouTube subscribers.


Ask your viewers to subscribe

Whenever or whatever work we are doing, we must not wait everyone or everything to come in search of us instead we must go in search of people. YouTube is one of the platform where we must invite or ask people to join our YouTube family.

Whenever you are creating a video ask your viewers to subscribe your channel and be the part of your YouTube family. Include this in the beginning or ending of the video. Also personally ask your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors to subscribe your channel so that they will also recommend their friends about your channel. This will have a highest chance of getting free YouTube subscribers.


Be Natural

While creating a video be kind speak friendly, be natural try to bring a friendly thought in audience mind. Your audience should never get a thought that you are doing just an act. Always try to create a bond with your audience, it will help you to get YouTube subscribers.


Inform audience about your next video

Whenever you are creating a video end it by giving a clue about your next video content or include it in the middle of the video. Always give an interesting clue or an interesting title about your next video.

By doing this it brings a curiosity in your audience mind so that they will subscribe to your channel in order to watch your next video.


Make Giveaways

Give an offer to your audience. Once in a while host a giveaway. Ask your viewers to subscribe your channel and comment on your video in order to get few interesting and surprising gifts.


Promote your channel in other social media

Make sure that your followers in other social media like facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are aware of your YouTube channel and subscribed. If not then share your YouTube channel link to other social media platforms.


Optimize your video description

Make sure that you optimize your video title and description with the correct keyword that have high search volume. To do this make a proper research on keyword.

Also make sure that your title gives and hope to your audience that the video will clear their queries and make sure that the description gives them a reason to watch the video when they read it.


Collaborate with other channels

The advantage of collaboration is that you can get into their YouTubesubscriber base. You could promote each other’s videos or channels. Make sure that the channel you choose to collaborate with is related to yours.


Publish videos frequently

Publish videos frequently helps to increase your YouTube subscribers. Post at least 2 – 3 videos in a week. When someone subscribes your channel they will get a notification whenever you are posting a new video. So that they will engage with your video.

If you haven’t published for a long time it may cause to lose your subscribers. They may even unsubscribe your channel so that be aware and try to publish at least twice in a week.

Finally, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a successful YouTubechannel. So here are few simple and easy tricks to get your free YouTube subscribers. So if there are any points left out in this article and if you know that kindly let us know. 



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