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How to grow YouTube channel

To grow a YouTube channel the main step is you need a lot of patience. Every work you do depends upon the hard work and time you spend. YouTube is one of the platform where your patience plays the lead role. The more you are active the more growth you can get to your YouTube channel.

Here are few easy steps to grow YouTube channel

  • ·         Try to upload at least 2 – 3 videos per week

  • ·         Create videos as series

  • ·         Try to show up

  • ·         Make a complete research on trending videos to collect interesting contents

  • ·         Interact with audience

  • ·         Use proper keyword and Video Description

  • ·         Be bold while creating the video

  • ·         Try to do live videos like Q & A

  • ·         Create an interesting visuals

Try to upload at least 2 – 3 videos per week

As you know people will always like to be active and engaged, and that’s the reason they watch YouTube to learn new things be active and keep themself engaged. When you are an YouTuber who is starting a new channel or already leading in a top position in both the cases you will always need to be active.

Create the content make a posting schedule and upload 3 videos in week which will help you to build an audience.

Create videos as series

Whenever you are creating a video try to create on the basis of series. Collect the topics which can be created as series which brings out the interest in audience to come back to watch the video. You can create videos for entertainment or learning purpose etc.

For example: You can create your own web series with interesting topics for viewers entertainment or videos for learning like if you are starting a tutorial for mandala drawings for beginners, then you can create a step by step procedure for different drawings in the form of series.

Try to show up

Whatever videos you create, audience will always get more interest when we have face to face interaction with them. There is no need that you should always show up for all your videos.

For example: When you are creating with beauty tips content, by showing up using the tips directly and before and after the result of the remedy it brings a bonding with audience and helps to grow the YouTube channel.

Make a complete research of trending videos to collect interesting contents

Always you should remember that while creating a video you must be able to solve audience query. To do this firstly you need to make a complete research about trending topics to read audience mind.

Find out the highest topic search people are looking for and then create a  video with that content.  

Interact with audience

Always keep an interaction with your audience. As we all know Communication always brings a bond between two people. But here you cannot keep a separate communication with all your audience, so try to ask questions or opinion of your audience based on the content you are doing.

Example: If you are making a cooking video include a question or suggestion in your video, like ask them to suggest any different ideas with some different ingredients or different style for the same dish you have done and ask to try the recipe at home and let you know the result in comment. 

Use Proper Keyword and Video Description

Proper Keyword

Video title must have a target keyword. To get this you can use a google for keyword research tool. Find the most searched keyword for the title you are looking for and then use it for your title.

Video Description

The first two lines of the description are firstly read by the viewers. Therefore try to include the overall message that what your video is about.

Be Bold while creating the video

People always like to make a bond who are bold enough and speak friendly. Whenever you are creating a video if you are giving your own voice then you must speak loudly with clear words in whichever language you are fluent, there is no need that you should always speak in English and try to give a subtitle below in English which helps people who doesn’t know the language you are speaking.

Try to do live videos like Q & A (Question and Answers)

Do a live video and interactive with your audience so that when they comment their queries in comment you can clear it directly, by doing this it gives a kind of hope to your audience about your channel. You can also make a Q & A video or live video ask your audience to follow you on your other social media account so that they can send you a message and you can select frequently asked questions and make a Q & A video based on that. These are the ways that gives a hope to audience about your channel.

Create an interesting visual

Presentation is extremely important. While creating a video use a very good background, lightening and clear audio. If you are creating entertainment videos, cooking videos, or any web series make sure that you have chosen a correct background, whether lightening is good and audio is clear. The audience shouldn’t get the feel that the video is just an act always try to make a natural video.

Hope the above steps were useful to grow your YouTube channel. Always make a good video editing to grab audience attention. Try to speak loudly and mainly need to keep a lot of patience.




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