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YouTube is one of the platform where you can make your video go viral if you use it in a right way. Here are few tricks that can help make your YouTube videos go viral, but one main point you should always remember is it mainly depends upon your content. 

Here are easy tricks to make your YouTube videos viral


  1. Create an interesting video

  2. Use social media marketing

  3. High video quality

  4. Make a Posting schedule   

  5. Believe in yourself

  6. Pay attention after publishing

  7. Behind the scenes video   

  8. Short video length


Create an Interesting video

Always create a video with new topics. That doesn’t mean that you should not do a research in the industry, make a complete research about what people looking for and what people are interested in, watch few viral videos on internet, once you get an idea try to make a video based on that with different and new ideas.

Always remember one thing whatever your channel maybe related to like a dancing tutorial, cooking channel, an educational or entertaining channel don’t just get stuck into one topic. For example, if it is a cooking channel there is no need that you should make only cooking videos try to make some interesting videos like a day my life video or live videos and share interesting things about your life which will get close to audience heart.


Use social media marketing

When it comes to social media marketing you need to do it in a right way. Try posting it everywhere. You can post your videos as post in your Facebook, twitter etc and also share in your Whatsapp and Instagram stories. In Instagram stories you can post your video with a swipe up link which will bring your followers directly to your YouTube channel.

This helps you to reach your video to more people apart from the ones who have already subscribed your YouTube channel.


High Video Quality

Always spend more time to your video quality. Remember one thing no one likes to watch a video in low quality. People will not only watch your appearance in the video they will also concentrate on the background lightening etc. Make an interesting Intro in the beginning of the video.

For example: If you are making a dance video then try to shoot outside with greenery and good lightening. Shoot a video from all the angles which brings more interest in people.


Make a Posting schedule

You cannot randomly post your videos, if you do so chances of getting your video viral will be very less. As we know that people use social media and watch videos when they get bored. Most of the people get bore during office hours and they take a break to use social media or watch videos.

So make a study about which is the peak time people are engaged in and share your content. Always try to post your content on week days. This will help you have a greater chance of making your video viral.  


Believe in yourself

Whatever work you do everything starts with you. So firstly believe in yourself don’t be shy, go out be bold be loud to people. Like we talked before use proper use of social media marketing. Post your videos on Facebook, personally ask your family, friends and colleagues to watch it, like, share, subscribe and comment on it. Join Facebook group and make a Facebook family then share your videos to them.


Pay attention after publishing

Once you publish your video it doesn’t mean that the process of your video has come to an end. Keep on paying attention even after publishing your video. Make a study that how many views your video has got, how many people have liked it and commented on the video. Keep sharing the video from one person to another. This helps you to make your video viral.


Behind the scenes videos

People always like to watch more entertaining videos and they will also like to know the amount of effort you have taken for making a video. Whatever videos you are making like cooking, dancing, a short movie or web series try to make behind the scenes video.

By doing so audience can know the effort behind your work you have done and also they can understand more about your nature.


Short video Length

Always try to create video under less than 10 mins length. As we know that people watch videos when they are bored so they always prefer short videos. Whenever they are scrolling down they check the length of the video, to know whether they have time to watch full video.

If the video length is long then they will ignore the video and go further, even if they click to watch the video they may have to leave in the middle. So always try to make a video with short length. This will also help you to increase your watch time.

 These are the easy tricks which helps your YouTube video go viral. At the end of the day everything depends on your hard work and effort. Think how to put your audience expectation at the centre. When you pay attention to what your audience want you will reach your goal.


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