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How to make money from YouTube

Are you looking how to make money from YouTube? Then here you go, few easy steps which helps you to make money from your YouTube .

Few easy steps to make money from YouTube.

  •     Create and build your audience

  •     Share and teach your audience

  •     Create web series

  •     Post videos frequently

  •     Make videos 10+ minutes

  •     Don’t give up

  •     Google Ads

Create and build your audience:

Firstly think about what kind of videos you want to create and share with people. Creating videos which people want to watch is the main challenge. Once when you get a complete idea about what your channel is about then create your YouTube channel. Then start creating videos with interesting contents to connect with people and build your audience.

Share and teach your audience:

People always like to learn new things which they do not know. The interest of people in learning something will bring them towards YouTube. They just don’t stop or get stuck into a particular channel or video, they just watch videos of same content from different channel and compare which is the best. So something which you know make it as a tutorial video and teach your audience. Whatever content it may be like cooking videos, DIY videos, beauty tips etc share it with your audience. 

Create web series:

People always like to watch entertaining videos and it keeps them engaged. People usually watch YouTube when they are stressed or bored so they watch entertaining videos which gives them relief from their work stress and keeps them engaged when they are bored.
So try to create your own web series with interesting content for people’s entertainment. There is no need that you should create a long series with single content like television series, just do different short series. You need not to do it all alone and also you can’t do a web series all alone add few of your friends or family members. This will bring out interest in people’s mind towards your channel.

Post videos frequently:

Create videos and post it frequently. Don’t give a huge interval in posting videos. When you post videos on regular basis and when viewers are frequently seeing your videos on YouTube they might watch it and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
When you get more subscribers the number of views for your videos also increases. And once you start getting more views for your videos you will start getting money from YouTube.

Make videos 10+ minutes:

Always be careful about the length of the video while creating video. Don’t create a very short video or very long video. When you create a very short video people think that the length of the video is very short and so it may not contain the information which they are looking for. At the same time when you create very long video people will think that they don’t have much time to watch your video even if they start watching they may have to leave in the middle of the video. This will affect the watch hour of your video.
Keep approximate time length as more than 10mins and less than 15-20mins, this will be perfect time length for your videos. This will give higher watch time for your videos once your watch time increases you will start getting money from YouTube. 

Don’t give up:

YouTube is a quite long journey. Here all you need is hard work and patience. At the beginning you may feel pointless but every hard work definitely gives you a successful result. After posting every single video figure out what are the corrections you have to do when you are creating your next video.
Read out the comments below your videos when audience notify any mistakes in your videos and suggest you the changes which you have to do reply them and point out their suggestion for your next video. Don’t feel bad for negative comments and don’t give up be strong.

Google Ads:

For this you should at least have 1000 subscribers and above 4000 hours of watch time over a year. Advertisers pay based on clicks. Content should contain good language, create content that is advertiser friendly. 

Finally, always check the progress in your videos regularly keep updated, create quality and creative content which is the key to attract viewers. So these are few easy steps which will help you to make money from YouTube. So what are you waiting for  go create a channel , start uploading videos build audience and make money and let us know which of the above point helped you the most.


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