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Beginners Guide to YouTube Channel Making

Every day people all over the world watch YouTube videos. Most of the people watch videos on mobile than any other network so that they can watch the videos anywhere at any time. You can create videos easily there is no need of spending much amount for creating videos all you need is time and dedication. If you are looking how to start a YouTube channel then here you go below are few easy steps which will help you in YouTube channel making.

Steps to make YouTube channel

  •     Sign in and create a channel
  •     Make a plan
  •     Introduction
  •     Editing
  •     Be Active

Sign in and create a channel

Go to YouTube click sign in on top right corner. Sign in using your Google account. Then go to settings click on create a channel option, then name your channel. Once you create a channel name give a profile picture for your channel it may be a logo based on your channels content or you can also use your photo as a profile picture.

Make a plan

Before creating your YouTube channel make a complete plan and idea that what your channel is about, what kind of content you are going to create. Make a study that currently what people are looking for, what are the trending videos on YouTube. Internet is growing faster trending videos change every week. People think differently be creative. Always keep updated.


Introduction is always important in all you work. Once you create your channel firstly make a introduction video which includes you details like who you are what are you doing what is the motive of creating channel and what are the kind of contents you are going to give for your audience etc. Make sure that your introduction video is interesting and will help you to grow audience to your channel. 


Always choose good editing software. When you are recording a video it may be in mobile or camera there may be one or the other mistake or disturbance in the video. Once you finish recording the video spend few time for editing. You can add subtitle for your video and edit the quality of your video and also try to record video without voice and later edit it.

For example: Now if you are creating a cooking video try to record without speaking once you finish recording later you can give voice to your video using editing software. By doing so viewers can hear you clearly. If you speak while recording the video itself then viewers may get disturbance your voice may go up and down. There is no need to follow this in all your videos if you are just explain the process you are doing then you can follow this point else if you are trying to interact with your audience you can speak directly in the video just make sure that you are loud and clear for your viewers.

Be Active

The main point you should always remember is you should be active. Upload videos frequently. Make sure that your viewers know how active you are in your channel. When you are a beginner and looking forward to build your audience then upload videos regularly don’t give a long gap. If you give a long break in uploading videos then your audience will loose their interest so always be active.

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