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Easy YouTube views and watch hours

YouTube is the platform where you can learn new things, connect with many people and teach them the activities or ideas you know in the form of video and also earn money, and for this you need subscribers, views and watch hours. So in this article we are going to see few easy steps for YouTube views and watch hours.

Here are steps for easy YouTube views and watch hours

  •     Choose title and thumbnail which describe your content
  •     Create Series
  •     Connect with your audience
  •     Celebrate your success
  •     Quality content
  •     Build subscribers

Choose title and thumbnail which describe your content

Title and thumbnails are the key points which will help you to get the views. It helps your viewers to click the video. Choose the image for your thumbnail which will include the information or an idea to your viewers that what is the content or video is about, also give a title which suits your video content. This will also help you to improve your watch hours.

Create series

Create videos in the form of series. Select a topic with an entertaining content and create 4 – 5 episodes per series with medium length don’t make it too short or too length, if it is too short people may think that the video may not have interesting content and if you make it too high they may not have enough time to watch so they may leave in the middle so pay attention in video length.
When you create a video in the form of series people will be eager to know or watch the next part of the series. Create a video with the content which always keeps your audience engaged and entertained.

Connect with your audience

To build a relationship or bond you must always connect with people. Your audience will have many queries to discuss with you or they may have suggestions for you. When they comment on your video you may not able to reply each and everyone. So once in a while go live so that you can talk to your audience directly, or ask your audience to connect with you in your other social media accounts and they can ask their query so that you can do a Q & A (Question and Answer) video based on that. This will help you to increase views and also watch hour.

Celebrate your success

Always we must thank people who encouraged you and stood beside you in your journey. So when you reach each step of your success in your YouTube journey. Thank your subscribers and audience who stood by you for your success. Of course you take lot of effort and spend more time to create video but always remember there is no success in your YouTube journey without your subscribers and audience. People like to watch different and new idea videos. So create a video talk about your journey in YouTube the support of your family, friends and audience with a thankful message. This will give you a high views and watch hour for your video.

Quality content

Views and watch hour depends on the quality of the content. Before starting to record a video make a complete and detailed plan about your content. Create a interesting and clickable content which people like to watch. Make sure that you start a video with interesting talk or content. If audience feel bored at the beginning of the video they may leave in the middle of the video.

Build Subscribers

First thing you should do is build subscribers to your channel. Your subscribers play the major role in watch hours. People like your channel once they start liking your contents, they will waiting for the moment you publish your next video. If you are wondering how to get subscribers then here is our another article “How to get free YouTube subscribers” which will help you.

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