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Best and Easy methods to grow YouTube channel

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Best and Easy methods to grow YouTube channel

YouTube has given a chance to showcase your talent and teach it to people all over the world in the form of videos. All you need is a mobile or camera, time, ideas along with your talent. So here we are going to see 5 easy methods to grow YouTube channel.
Easy methods to grow YouTube channel
  •     Show up
  •     Interesting Thumbnail
  •     Perfect Length
  •     Make use of social media
  •     Uploading frequency


Show up

When you are running YouTube by yourself try to show up your face on screen. This works especially for bloggers, beauty tips video etc. There is no need that you should show up for every video you create. This will help you to connect with your audience and they can know more about you.

Interesting Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the best impression for your viewers. Always try to create an interesting and eye-catching thumbnail. When you create a video based on education try to get an image which includes meaning of the content, for a dance video get an interesting image of a dance step or dance crew and finally if you are creating DIY or cooking video get stunning image of the result as a thumbnail. This will make viewers more excited to see the video how you got the result. This will help you to get subscribers, views and grow your channel.


Perfect length

For creating videos you need to know the length of the video. In YouTube most viewed videos are the one which are lesser in length. There are many videos which have short length and larger length. Videos with larger length also have more views but everything depends on the quality of your content. When you are a beginner and looking to grow your YouTube channel don’t rush to create larger length videos as you are a beginner and you are new to audience they won’t have any idea about your channel and contents so they may lose interest in watching videos with larger length and they may leave in the middle of the video. So once you reach first step of your success and have enough audience then you can start creating videos with higher length.


Make use of social media

When you are a beginner and looking to grow your channel make use of social media. Once you post video on your YouTube channel post the link of the video on your social media profiles and ask your friends or followers to watch the video, subscribe your channel and share the video to their family, friends etc. By doing so your followers will become your subscribers and their followers will also become part of your YouTube channel.


Uploading frequency

To grow a YouTube channel you need to grow your audience and for that the main point is you need to post videos frequently and keep audience engaged. Try to upload every week at least 2-3 videos per week. Try to post at the same time and keep your subscribers updated about when your next video will arrive.

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